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Ianto's Birthday and BBC Sherlock


Ok I've decided to post a master list for my stories...right now it's quite short but I plan to expand it!! XD 


Ok I've decided to post my Charmed story over here too (I've already posted them at www.fanfiction.net) so here's the first one...all my stories will be about the Charmed brothers, Wyatt and Chris, and sometimes other characters but the brothers are my focus! Now on with the story!!! XD Please review it if you like it and feels free to add post critics too....but only constructive criticism is accepted!!! XD


This is my promise baby brotherCollapse )


Ok so last night I went to watch "Eclipse" with a couple of friend (Tex and Lisa)...it's been hilarious...not the movie, but the comments we made at the end!!! I'm Team Edward, Lisa is Team Jacob and Tex is still wondering what he was doing at the cinema with us!!!! LOL 

Every single romantic scene with Edward, I was like "Ohhh that's sooo sweet!" and Ann was like "yeah yeah I want naked Jake!"...and all the time poor Tex was there retching at the romance and fluffiness of the film...granted he DID enjoy himself watching the battle scene and the vampire girls, but he didn't want to admit that!!!! Too bad i know that he did! 

It's been a great night! I loved the movie (don't blame me...put me in front of a vampire and I'll melt!!! So I can't resist Edward's charm...not the actor mind you...ok he's a bit cute, but not the one I had in mind to play Edward's part...though I don't think there's a guy so perfect to fit Stephanie Meyer's descriptions...) and the company was awesome!  

The soundtrack of the film, like the previous two, was brilliant! "Love is forever" by Muse is already one of my favourite songs (along with all songs by Muse!! I'm a fan!)

Now I want to go and watch it again...wonder if Tex would like to come again with me...maybe not...I just suggested it to him and his only reply was to point a buttered knife at me!!! LOL Ok I'll find someone else to go to the cinema with...going alone is sad... :)



Title: Finally some time to rest

Author: thundernight_86

Pairing: Jack/Ianto (what else??? XD)

Warnings: Fluffyness!!!

Rating: G 

Summary: It had been a long and tiring week for Torchwood and Jack tells Ianto to go home and rest.

Disclaimers: Sigh I have to confess...I don't own nor Torchwood nor its characters, but I can't help myself from playing with them!!! If they were mine, I would surely do a better job than RTD with them! First of all Ianto would be still alive and so would Tosh and Owen!!! Gwen on the other hand....XD





It had been an exhausting week for the Torchwood team,Collapse )




Hiya guys! 

Today's my birthday!! *jumps around* the day will be filled with shopping, friends, drinks and more shopping!!! I wanted to do a Torchwood fanfiction to publish today, but I'm not sure I'll be able to post it! The story is completed, but I have to type it on my laptop and then adjust a few details here and there and I don't know if today I'll have the time to do that...tomorrow I'll be away as well so I think that ,at the very last, the story will be up on Monday! XD Though I hope to have it ready by tomorrow evening!!!! Let's touch wood!! XD

Anyway I now I'm due to meet some friends and then we'll go buy some new clothes! YAY then tonight I'll be out eating pizza with some other friends!! XD 

One of the best presents of the day is having John Barrowman back with his show "Tonight's the Night"!!! Although I won't be able to watch it it's kinda cute to think that John will be back TODAY of all days!!! Ahh how I love him! XD

Speaking of presents, even the little girl I'm tutoring in English brought me a gift. Wasn't she sweet to do that? (This will not save her from her homework thought!!! LOL) 

Ok now I'm off to take a quick shower (here is hot hot hot! How's the weather in the world???)  

Love Marta

Ps I hope to get a phone call from my sis tonight! She's on her honeymoon at the moment and today she arrived (or will arrive...different time zone and all...it's confusing!!) at Las Vegas!!! XD I even told her to play some money...maybe she'll be her lucky day!! XD



ATTENTION people!!! I just read this on welsh_scotsman journal!!! It's really really creepy!!! This is for young female users! Girls read this, it's really important!!!




Sunday morning my older sister Laura married her fiancé (now husband) Andrea! XD I'm officially a sister-in-law now and I still can get my head around this!!! LOL Anyway the ceremony was beautiful (never before a priest made me laugh like the one that officiated the wedding!! It was great!), the church was beautifully decorated with white and blue flowers, the choir sang amazingly and the sweet sound of the flute made each song a masterpiece!  

After an hour and the half we exit the church and waited patiently for the couple to take some pictures! It was a very hard thing to do as it was soo hot that I thought we were in the desert and not in North Italy...the heat wave had to choose this week to hit...oh well...I survived (if you're wondering, I HATE the heat!!!) 

Anyway, after the couple finished the photo session in the church, we all headed to a beautiful restaured monastery were we had some fresh drinks waiting to help us cooling down and wait again while the happy couple took other pictures...Then we moved on to the buffet and I can't tell you how delicious every single dish was! This first part was spend eating in the garden with excellent caterers that paid attention to everything!

Then we moved inside were some AC was waiting for us (Oh blessed technology!!!) and we started with the main dishes...all was delicious and every dish had such rich teste...my mouth is still watering!!! Then there was the game "Guess the weight of the newlyweds (together and dressed)"...each table had to guess and in the end my table arrived 2nd...the winners beat us by only one kg!!! but it was all fun!

Then there was the cake...oh now that was really a delicious cake (mine and Andrea's favourite by the way!!)!! 

In the evening more people arrived and the catering cooked fresh food for them at the buffet! After that there was the funniest part...the video made with old photos of Laura and Andrea! (I was the one providing with Laura's photos! XD) Soo funny!! I have to get a copy of that video!

After that there was live music and dances  until 1 pm...the guests then went all home and the newlyweds went sleeping (or THAT is what they told us!!! LOL) 

Now they are on their honeymoon in the USA...first stop New York!! Lucky them!!! They'll be back at the end of the month! XD 

Sister after the ceremony

Here's a picture of my sister just outside the church! She looks radiant! XD I'm so happy for her!!! XD I'll post more pics when I get them! XD